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FitzGerald Life & Pensions Limited, is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland as an Authorised Adviser.   We are not tied to any one insurance company, dealing with all the major insurers in the Irish Market and as such we can offer an impartial broad based financial advice service.

We can offer financial advice in relation to the following services:


Family Protection Planning

Most of us know that we need to protect ourselves, our families and homes against the financial hardship that could be caused by an illness or death in the family.  

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Income Protection

Our income is our most valuable asset as it funds our lifestyle, our family holidays, pays the mortgage, car etc., so it makes sense to want to protect it. This cover is essential for business owners, self-employed individuals or employees with no such cover in their employment.

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Business Protection

Business Protection involves providing the company / directors with adequate protection by insuring the key personnel within that business.

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Mortgage & Loan Protection

Whether you are buying your first home, an investment property or arranging a business loan, the lending institution may deem it necessary for you to arrange Life cover, so that in the event of your death, the balance of the loan / mortgage is paid off.

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Retirement / Pensions

Retirement Planning Audit Service

This servide applies to people who have exisitng arrangements and want to see if they are continuing to meet with their expectations.

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Group Pensions Administration

Providing a pension or protection benefits is a thoughtworthy benefit every business owner or employer would like to make available for its employees. Providing these benefits under a group scheme arrangement has many benefits both for the employer and the employee, however arranging such a plan can be quite onerous and time consuming for all involved.

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Individual Retirement Planning

There are many ways you can plan for your retirement and we can show you the most effective way to suit your circumstances.

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Redundancy & Leaving Service Options

Unfortunately, in recent times Redundancy has become an everyday occurrence in our economy. When faced with the prospect of redundancy there are many issues that require careful consideration.

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Savings & Investments

Regular Saving Plans

Whether you are saving for a rainy day, your first home or your child’s future education fees etc, we can provide advice in relation to numerous regular savings plans with access to a diversity of funds from as little as €50 per month.

Lump sum Investments

We can provide independent advice in relation to lump sum investments. We have access to some of the major life companies and investment houses both in Ireland and beyond to provide you with the best home for your money based on your desired timeframe, attitude to risk, access to your capital, and financial objective. We also have access to some niche investment opportunities from time to time which may suit the more experienced investor.

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We have access to some of the major deposit banks in Ireland & Europe who offer very competitive deposit rates. So whether you want immediate access to your funds or are prepared to lock your money away for longer periods, we can provide update advice and access in relation to same.

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Bespoke Investment Plans

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Personal Financial Review

Personal Financial Review

A regular health check is essential to your well-being and it’s also important we regularly review your financial situation to ensure its continuing to meet your expectations. We offer a comprehensive Financial Review service to both our existing and potential customers.

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